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Spy Software provides computer spy software to track and record entire activities performed on your PC. Download Mac spy software as well as PC spying software to monitor all system activities in hidden mode.

Importance of Spy Software

Company offers Spy software to monitor various activities performed by users and secretly works in complete hidden mode. Professional key logger application helps to track computer activity, key stokes, USB drive insertions, Internet activities and capture screenshots. Keylogger works like surveillance camera to keep spy on your Kids and Employees pc activities without even knowing them.

Standard Spy Software
Only $45

Standard Spy Software is easy to use keystroke recording tool that allows you to secretly monitor and record external user keyboard activities on your PC in your absence. Powerful PC monitoring spy program invisibly records all keyboard typed characters including chat conversations, typed website URLs, e-mail IDs, passwords in encrypted log files that can be send to specified e-mail address.

Professional Spy Software
Only $49

Professional Spy Software is all in one solution to not only monitors keystrokes but also records voice chat conversations, clipboard activities, accessed applications and periodically captures Windows screenshots. Invisible PC monitoring tool helps system owner to access the activity log files using e-mail or FTP server settings without being physically present there.

Spy Software for Mac
Only $45

Simple to use Spy Software for Mac provides best methodology to monitor different activities performed on Computer system in complete surveillance mode. Now you have perfect mac monitoring software to record your Partner, Students, Children and Employees computer activities without being noticed.